The Swagabonds

The Team

Gigi Freyeisen

Gigi was born and raised in Paris where she worked for 8 years as a brand strategist for Al Dente, a creative agency that specializes in luxury brands such as Chanel or Dior. She moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Her journey took her to Skid Row where she initially worked as an assistant on a documentary. She soon immersed herself in the community and as she was walking the streets of Skid Row everyday, she couldn’t help but notice a form of beauty rising from the chaos. Some people’s outfits were so creative that it made her think of walking canvases. One day of January 2014, she grabbed a film camera and started a blog, The Swagabonds. The fashion brand was born from these beginnings.

Audrey d'Erneville

Audrey was born in France but she made the world her home. She grew up in Senegal, and lived in South Africa and Paris, before moving to Los Angeles where she graduated from Otis, a renown school of art and design. Audrey is a talented graphic designer with a sharp eye for her young age. So when she replied to Gigi’s offer posted on the school job board, Gigi was ecstatic. Since then, they have been working hand in hand on building the visual identity of The Swagabonds’s brand.
Audrey is in charge of adapting each artist’s work of art on clothings. She also designed this awesome website :)


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